Wealthy Affiliate Review

I remember when Wealthy Affiliate first set foot in the digital domain. It was back in 2005, a landmark year that saw the birth of a new platform aimed at guiding people through the intricate maze of online entrepreneurship. Founders Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim had a crystal clear goal: to democratize the process of … Read more


Hello and welcome! I’m Karima, the heart and soul behind ‘Achieve with Karima’. I’m thrilled you’ve decided to drop by. Here’s a little about me: I’m 29 years young, a spirited researcher wrapping up my Ph.D., and a polyglot calling the vibrant city of Budapest home. With English as my third language, I’ve dedicated years … Read more

Welcome to Your “Starter” Website: Your Journey Begins

YES! You’ve done it. This is the beginning of your journey with Wealthy Affiliate, and let us tell you, it’s going to be exciting. Your Wealthy Affiliate website is up and running, and this is the platform from where you’re going to launch and build out your online business venture. Wealthy Affiliate is no ordinary … Read more